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The Monsoon is here.
Still in KK trying to figure out a way into the jungle with the locals-tribesmen-. They think I'm crazy and keep asking for my husband/boyfriend. It's not that they are sexist, not at all. I just think that no many women have done this before on their own? Really?!?!?
I find it had to believe, but judging by the wide-open eyes of the men I talk to... it seems like a viable point.

Things here are like they are often in Spain for those from Northen Europe: "Manhana, Manhana...". The rythm is slow and sticky. Just like the weather.

Locals don't think it's safe to go alone to stay with the Iban (better known as the Head Hunters) or the Penan, even though it's far safer than walking around the city on your own.

TK, a local man/guide has some secrets I'm hoping he'll be willing to share with me today and may be we can get on the go by Saturday?!?

C'mon Universe!!! you know fine well how strongly in my heart it is to go and help-learn from these people! you sent me here! give me a hand!

El Monzon esta aqui
Todabia en Kota Kinabalu intentando encontrar la manera de adentrarme en la jungla con los guias locales, los hombres tribales de la jungla. Creen que estoy loca y persisten en preguntar donde esta mi marido/novio. No es que sean sexistas, no creo. Pienso que no demasiadas mujeres han hecho esto solas antes? en serio?!?!?
Me parece muy dificil de creer, sobre todo en los tiempos que vivimos, pero a juzgar por los ojos de plato que se les ponen cuando pregunto por la jungla sola, parece que puede ser un punto valido.

Las cosas aqui son como en Espanha para muchos del Norte de Europa: "Manhana-Manhana..." El ritmo es lento y pegajoso, igual que el tiempo.

Los locales no creen que sea seguro ir a estar con los Iban (mas conocidos como los Cazadores de Cabezas) o los Penan, aunque sea mucho mas seguro que caminar por la ciudad sola.

He encontrado a TK, un guia local, hombre de la tribu. Creo que tiene unos secretos que espero comparta conmigo hoy y nos pongamos en camino (pues no cree que marchar sola sea efctivo ni conveniente) para... el Sabado?

Venga Universo!!! sabes muy bien cuanto tiempo llevo esperando y caminando hacia este punto y esta gente! tu lo pusiste en mi camino y me plantaste aqui!! echame una manooo!!

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Good luck getting going. Can't believe you're there in your warrior shoes and dancing hat.

Amazing. Amazing.

Love you.

by arjuna

Created this just to sign here and tell you I got really worried when I read the words "Head Hunters". I want your head back. Better if it's near your neck.

Still thinking of you each day.

by PostingIra

"PostingIra".... thanks for your concern, I will make sure I get back with my head on, On and attached to my neck. That would come in handy for future plans, right? I believe the lovely Ibans have long dropped the Head Hunting traditions. The last report of such practice was last given in 1989, or the early 90s. But since, nobody has ever spoken about a hunted head again, so I'm pretty positive we can give them a different and well earned reputation by now.
May I ask who you are? I keep thinking but cannot figure it out! Sorry. Like that if they plan to cook my head for dinner I shall tell them to not do it as it goes against your will! (plus I am a vegan, so I think they'll think plain of my brain juices...)

by Irati

thanks for your magic.
It has worked, you know?
I'm off this Saturday and back hopefully for my departure flight out of the country...
Thanks for your blessings brother... I'll get back in touch when I'm sitting at the top of the mountain, so please keep your eye and heart open, you may see/hear me calling for a hug and some cosmic love.
you are great!
Hope my warrior shoes get me though the jungle fine and my dancing hat gives way a smile after every challenging day...
Peace brother.
Joy in your heart.

by Irati

If I liked collecting heads I would like to have yours in my shelves, having gave up traditions or not. To tell the truth, I'm not a head collector, but I'm sure your head would look ideal on my bedside table! I supose they won't eat you, vegans have no good meat..

Remember who tells you "sorry for my english" in every letter or mail? That's me. I have also written it in the last letter, bur I don't know where to send it. Let's say my surname is McCornick.

So happy of reading you again.


by PostingIra


by PostingIra

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